How to calculate your home inspection prices?    
Inspection prices vary, as do homes. Many things go into formulating your home inspection price. Size, age, basement or crawlspace, single family or condo, and what services you require. Give us a call so we can discuss your needs. We will provide you with as much information as you need to make an educated decision. We will provide a superior, high quality inspection, with customer service before, during, and after the inspection.                                                                

Radon test                 $120.00
With inspection           $100.00


Energy saving thermal imaging inspections with a Flir B-Cam Infrared Camera.
 Call me for a quote. Home age, square footage, attics, crawlspaces etc., help me determine pricing. Give EcoVision a call to help find those pesky drafts, cold spots, and any moisture issues. Most people find they can save some money on their energy bills by dealing with the small issues we find. A tube of caulk, replacing window and door weather stripping, things such as these, can save you energy and reduce your utility bill. You might be capable of doing these projects yourself. What a warm fuzzy feeling that would be.
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Ask us about "Move In Certified" inspections for sellers.
 "Move in Certified" inspections include the same services provided to buyers. In other words, you will recieve a full home inspection, and at the same prices above. Your home will be ready for buyers and agents with no surprises to slow down the process. A sign depicting the seal below will be placed outside for potential buyers to see. Providing them with one less home buying worry. You may share the report provided with potential buyers with recieipts for issues found, but repaired or solved.

Give Duke a call, this might be just the service to help sell your home.
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